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The Range at Babasons/ Mega Mart

The range of products at Babasons, Mega Mart is organised in a meticulous order for ease of shopping. Products such as fresh dairy, canned food, breakfast cereals, confectioneries, health foods and ethnic food are all stocked in well-defined and well-marked categories that are easy to locate.

A lot of thought is put into the size and scope of each outlet. This depends on the location and customer preference. Right from the smallest stall in the store to the entire product mix, every Babasons, Mega Mart outlet responds to and is designed around its clientele.

In order to remain in tune with the changing needs of customers, they actively refer to and implement the findings of on-going ECRs (Effective Consumer Responses).

All so that Babasons, Mega Mart can live up to their philosophy: “delivering absolute customer satisfaction in terms of product quality, range and competitive pricing”.

Tesco Range

In 2014, Babasons, Mega Mart signed an exclusive agreement with MENA Holdings Group Ltd, M H Group (Tesco’s exclusive distributor of its private label for the Middle East and North Africa) that ensures it is now the only retailer in Bahrain authorised to stock the full range of Tesco private label products.


Tesco is a highly regarded UK brand renowned for great quality, choice and price. These values are just as highly prized by Babasons, Mega Mart.


The company has, under its umbrella, more than 8000 core Tesco labelled products. The range spans grocery, health and beauty, frozen, non-food and Fresh Produce.


Currently, all eight Mega Marts and two Macro Mart stores carry more than 1500 Tesco products.